Lives and works in Jackson Heights, NY and Tampa, Florida


-ADAA  Fair, solo booth, James Cohan Gallery 2021
-James Cohan Gallery "Mernet Larsen" NYC 2020/21
-"Mernet Larsen: The Ordinary, Reoriented"  Akron Art Museum, OH, 2019
-James Cohan Gallery-"Situation Rooms", NYC 2018
-Tampa Museum of Art-"Getting Measured", 60 year survey. Tampa, FL (2017-18)
-Armory Show, small works on paper, Various Small Fires solo booth, NYC  (2017)

-St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts, FL (2016)
-James Cohan Gallery, NYC, NY (2016)
-UG50: Class of 1965: Mernet Larsen and Robert Fichter.  Univ. of Florida Gallery, Gainesville (2015)
-Various Small Fires Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2015) 
-Vogt Gallery, “3 Chapters”, New York, NY (2012) 
-Exposure/Chicago EXPO, representing Vogt Gallery (with Johanna Unzueta) (2012) 
-NADA Fair, NYC, representing Johannes Vogt Gallery (with Sadie Benning) (2012) 
-Regina Rex Gallery (2 person show), Bushwick, NY (2011) 
-Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta, GA (2011) 
-Mindy Solomon Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL, 2010
-Morean Arts Center, St. Petersburg, FL, ten year retrospective (2010)
-Tampa Museum of Art (lobby show) (2008)
-New York Studio School Gallery (2005)
-Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art, Sarasota FL (1994 and 1997)
-Eastern Illinois University Gallery, Charleston, IL (1997)
-Deland Museum of Art, FL (retrospective, 1992)
-16 others, including university galleries at Montana State/Bozeman, University of Florida, Univ. of Central FL, Univ. of South FL. Eastern Illinois University.


-100 YEARS OF CHANGE   Akron Art Museum  2023
-Art Basel, Switzerland, James Cohen Booth  2022

-STRETCHING THE BODY Fondazione Sandretti Re Rebaudengo, Turin Italy, 2021
-HOW LONG IS NOW  Israel Museum  Jeruselum 2021
-Off Kilter   601 ArtSpace NYC, May 2021 
- James Cohan virtual booth   Art Basel   Miami  2020
-  The Making Of A Museum: 100 years, 100 works" Tampa Museum of Art, FL   2019-20
-"James Cohan: 20 Years"  James Cohan Gallery, Tribecca, NYC  2019
-Armory Show, James Cohan Booth, NYC 2019
-" Borders" James Cohan Gallery, NYC 2019

-Something Living. Contemporary Figurative Painting: Neo Rausch, George Basilitz, Dana Schutz, Ben Quilty, Mernet Larsen and others.  New Wales Gallery(Museum), Sidney, Australia.  2017-18 
-"Dream Machines", James Cohan Gallery, Summer, 2017
-Armory show, James Cohan Booth, NYC (2017)

-"Tightrope Walk: Painting Images After Abstraction". Curated by Barry Schwabsky.  White Cube, London, November, 2015
- UF Alumni 50 year anniversary show, University Gallery, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 2015
-"Let's Get Figurative"   Nicelle Beauchene Gallery,  NYC (Fall 2015)
-Group Show    Michael Jon Gallery, Detroit (2015)
-"June: a Painting Show" Sadie Coles Gallery, London (2015)
-"I Dropped the Lemon Tart" Lisa Cooley Gallery NYC (2015)
-Dallas Art Fair (representing Johannes Vogt and Various Small Fires) (2015)
-Art Los Angeles Contemporary, representing Various Small Fires (2015)
-"Poetics of Space" Dunedin Art Center, FL (2014)
-Artissima, representing Johannes Vogt Gallery, Turin, Italy, (2013)
-The Fitting Room" (3 person show), Vogt Gallery, NYC, (2011)
-Memory of a Hope", Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool, UK (2011)
-"Decameron", New York Studio School Gallery (2010)
-"Fringe", Tampa Museum of Art (2010)
-Selections from Permanent Collection, St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts, (2010)
-ArtHamptons International Fine Arts Fair, Long Island, NY (Mindy Solomon Gallery) (2010)
-"Dragon Veins", USF Contemporary Art Museum (also co-curated with Elisabeth Condon) (2006)
-“Transitory Patterns”, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC (2004)
-“Tradition and Innovation in Later 20th Century Art” St. Petersburg (FL) Art Museum (2001)
-“Florida Biennial” Ringling Museum of Art, FL (2000)
-“41st Annual Purchase Exhibition“ American Academy of Arts and Letters, NYC (1989)
-“Made In Florida” with venues in Hasselt, Belgium; Barcelona, Spain; Marseilles, France and several Florida museums. (1989-92)
--over 70 other group shows


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Top Pick Jonathan Butt and Mernet Larsen at Regina Rex NY, 2011
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-Bennett, Lennie “All the Corners of Her World: Inside the Singular Mind of Painter Mernet Larsen: St Petersburg Times, May 2, 2010
-Best Painter: Tampa Bay Creative Loafing, Tampa Bay 2010 and 2003 
-Wei, Lili DRAGON VEINS catalog essay 2006 
-Naves, Mario “Mernet Larsen’s Tilting Panoramas: Methodical and Inspired Work" The New York Observer, January 31, 2005
-Schwartz, Joyce "Transitory Patterns" catalog essay, National Museum of Women in the Arts 2004

Boston Museum of Fine Art
Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC
Museum X, Bejing, China
Israel Museum of Art, Jerusalem
Carnegie Mellon Museum, Pittsburgh, PA
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CA
Akron Art Museum OH
Rose Museum of Art, Brandeis Univ, (Boston) MA
Hall Art Foundation, VT
New Wales Gallery (museum), Sydney, Australia
Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, Italy
Zabludowitz Collection, London
Sampaio Collection, Portugal
Levy Collection, Paris
Brunetti Collection, Rome
Grinnell College Museum, Iowa
Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota FL 
Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, FL
Tampa Museum, FL
Alfond Collection, Winter Park FL
Contemporary Art Museum, University of South Florida, Tampa

-virtual lecture, University of Houston
-virtual lecture, NY Studio School  2021
-Virtual studio visit video  James Cohan Gallery   December 2020
-Interview- Akron Art Museum  video  2019
-lecture/dialog with curator Ellen Rudolph at Akron Art Museum, April 11, 2019
-The Tim Hamill Lecture, Boston University, October, 2018
-Parsons School of Art and Design   April, 2018
-Tampa Museum of Art, Dialog with critic David Cohen  2018

-Interview by Emilie Baltz, New Museum/DKNY project NY Oct. 2016
-St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts, FL 2016
- University of South Florida, Tampa, 2013
-Tampa Museum of Art, 2010
-Maryland Institute College of Art/Mt. Royal, Baltimore 2007
-CAA National Conference, New York City, "Meanings and Functions of Narrative" 2007
-CAA National Conference, Seattle WA, "5 East Asian Provocations” (panel on influence of traditional Asian art on Contemporary painting) 2004
-New York Studio School Lecture Series, NYC (2002)
-Antioch College, Yellow Springs, OH (2002)
-Eastern Illinois Univ. (1997)
-Ringling School of Art (1993)
-Nanjing Normal University, China (1991)
(earlier: Yale School of Art, Montana State, University of Wisconsin/EauClair, and others)

Tampa Bay Business for Culture and the Arts Lifetime Achievement Impact Award  2018
Distinguished Alumna Award, P.K.Yonge Developmental Research School (Class of 1958) 2013
"Best of the Bay" in Painting, Creative Loafing Magazine, Tampa, 2010 and 2003
 SAF/NEA Artist Grant
3 Univ. of South Florida Research Grants (research for paintings: travel in Japan, China, and India)
Florida Individual Artist Fellowship
MacDowell Fellowship
The University of South Florida Jerry Krivanik Distinguished Teacher Award
MFA crits, Kent State, Ohio, April 2019
Student crits, Akron Univ. School of Art, April 2019
MFA Crits, New York Academy of Art, Feb, 2019
MFA Crits,  Boston U. School of Art, Oct. 2018
MFA Crits, Parsons, NYC  April 2018
NY Studio School, team taught, Fall, 2014
1967 to 2003-University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida (currently Professor Emeritus)
1996- USF Paris Program - Summer
1975, 76 & 1983-Initiated and taught the University of South Florida's New York City Spring Term
1978-Yale/Norfolk Summer School, Norfolk, Connecticut
1977-Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana, Visiting Artist, winter quarter
1976-Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, Visiting Assistant Professor-fall semester
1970-Catholic Univ. of Milan's Rome summer session for Americans 
1965-1967 University of Oklahoma-visiting assistant professor

BFA University of Florida 1962
MFA Indiana University 1965
Summer sessions at San Francisco Art Institute (1960) and Art Students League, NYC (1961)
James Cohan Gallery (NYC)